Key Competencies

Technology is changing the world, and we have to be ready for it

Our aim and goal are to provide the highest quality automated logistics and warehouse equipment for companies worldwide. Although, our head office and laboratory are located in Kyiv, Ukraine, we present globally where our team of 200 expert engineers work on the solutions.

We are a fast-growing company focused on the development of technologies for AMRs and their production. Our team is comprised of highly trained and professional experts ready to handle all your technological needs. Our customers are our biggest priority, and we assure excellence through our products.

Our key competencies include the following:


Global Presence

Deus Robotic is a fast-growing startup company. We are focused on delivering high-quality solutions to the whole world.

Currently, our head office is in Kyiv, Ukraine. We also have three regional offices distributed across two continents. Besides, we operate three R & D centers across the region for easy customer support.


Global workforce

Deus Robots has more than 200 employees in its different centers. We also have over 40% of our employees in R&D. Reliability and trustworthiness are key aspects of our services. And that is we choose only the best team for the job.


Deus Software Platform and Customer support

Deus offers a suite of apps on its software platform. We aim to offer flexible, convenient, efficient, and highly effective robotics solutions.

Using our products is more than just ordering an automated hardware. Our support team is here to provide extra services, including integrating our solutions with your business processes.



Deus Robots are designed with specific and custom user needs in mind. They are not only the highest quality bots you will find but also the most affordable.

Our products include:

  • Heavy Bot. It is now easier to transport heavy goods across an area of any configuration. This robot is designed for carrying out such tasks on a cart or its top. The bot is useful for pallets, dollies, and tools.
  • Sorting bot. Here is a robot designed to sort goods up to 30kg across an area of a warehouse/workshop of any setting.
  • Rack bot. The Deus rack robot is for transporting heavy racks across any area of a warehouse. It is useful for roll cages and movable racks.

A Strong Team

The success of Deus Robots relies on the strength of our team. Every member is an expert in the fields of robotics, engineering, and others.

We are willing and ready to work with your logistics, production, and construction teams, both for small companies and large corporations, to revolutionize your business operation. Our robots are designed to improve your warehouse operations, construction works, logistic, and many others.